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SC AD STIL Equipments SRL de Bacau

SC AD STIL Equipments SRL

Frau Adriana Sarion

Moinesti Street 24
600281 Bacau


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Ad Stil Equipments activity is selling and renting equipments for waste-tec - range.
For our waste-tec - range we proudly offer following products and services:
Presscontainers, MBT PP-types
Screw-compactors, MBT SV-types
Stationary-compactors, MBT STP-types
Loaders and Tipping-devices, MBT HKV-types
Balers, Drum- and Can-densors
Other compactor-systems
Dropping-chutes for waste, paper and laundry
Special accessories
System-planning, CAD - project-drawings
Second-hand Machinery

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